A grand tradition

Dining lies at the heart of the sophisticated hospitality at the Palazzo Caracciolo. The Hotel has two separate restaurants, where guests can enjoy a gastronomic experience discovering the flavours of the grand Neapolitan tradition, interpreted by the inspiration and imagination of our chef, and a magnificent bar facing out on to the cloister and garden. The two restaurants at the Palazzo Caracciolo and the “La Cantina” bar are usually also open to the public.

“La Cucina”

The “La Cucina” restaurant provides an airy and lively environment with bold colours, where guests can move around as if they were at home in their own kitchen.

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“Nel Chiostro”

The “Nel Chiostro” restaurant offers a convivial, elegant and sophisticated area that is perfect for special occasions.

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Bar and wine cellar

A sophisticated and cosy bar, where you can sip on wine, or indulge in the temptations of Neapolitan pastries, accompanied by an authentic espresso coffee.

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